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  • Sixlog Bio-Decontamination Solutions

    Bio-Decontamination Solutions

    We are Irelands leading provider of hydrogen peroxide vapour
    bio-decontamination products and services.

  • Most Cost Effective Service in Ireland – Guaranteed!

    Most Cost Effective Service in Ireland – Guaranteed!

    Same day call-out service or fully managed decontamination service
    All validated with 6-log biological indicators
    Put your trust in the professionals!

  • Healthcare Applications


    For clinical applications we use our patented hydrogen peroxide formula with a silver additive. This creates an invisible barrier that continues to protect high contact surfaces long after a room has been decontaminated

  • Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences

    Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences

    For cleanroom applications we use a non-silver and residue-free hydrogen peroxide solution that ensures a 6-log decontamination on all surfaces in the target area



We provide a same-day response for room and facility bio-decontamination services.

In healthcare facilities we can help control an outbreak of the latest hospital ‘superbug’.

And in controlled cleanrooms we can eliminate deviations in your environmental monitoring.

We are available 24/7 365 days of the year




We provide state of the art infection control and whole room decontamination products to suit every budget and every industry. With attractive finance options available and a broad range of products, we can assist you in deciding on the most suitable equipment setup to best fit your individual application.



To discuss our whole room decontamination services and products, feel free to contact us – we’re always happy to answer any questions that you might have and offer our expert advice. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch for a no obligation free consultation.

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Pharma & Biotechnology

Pharma & Biotechnology

In an industry where unnecessary downtime or a microbiological contamination event can result in millions of lost... read more

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