SixLog Fogger

One of the most powerful and durable ULV machines of its size in the market, the product is equipped with a new air intake, reducing the core temperature of the fogger by 28%, enhancing its performance in long working conditions

Disinfectant Solution

This is a 5% hydrogen peroxide solution infused with silver ions. The silver additive enhances the microbiological efficacy and also leaves behind an invisible anti-microbial coating that protects surfaces for up to 7 days. 


Fully reusable full face respirator mask helps to provide protection against particles, gases and vapours when used with an approved cartridge or filter (NIOSH).


Pharma & Biotechnology

In an industry where unnecessary downtime or a microbiological contamination event can result in millions of lost. read more >>

Hospitals & Healthcare

With increasing focus on the cost of hospital acquired infections, it is more important than ever to… read more 

Containment Laboratory (Cat 3)

Traditionally formaldehyde has been the agent of choice for the decontamination of category 3 laboratories, both… read more 

Biomedical Research

Hydrogen peroxide vapour has a number of useful applications in the biomedical industry. It is used… read more