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Hydrogen peroxide decontamination technology has proved to be a valuable tool for Infection Prevention & Control in our hospitals. The service provided by the team at Six Log Solutions consistently meets our demands with a fast response and quick turnaround time on rooms.

Alan O’ Gorman

Clinical Nurse Manager II,
Infection Prevention & Control ,UL Hospitals


University College Dublin

ucdUCD had an urgent requirement to decontaminate a selection of materials that were to be transferred into the clean area. Within 24 hours of being contacted, we had completed a 6-log decontamination within the transfer room. Our swift response and cost effective service ensured that our client was able to continue with their operations on schedule.

“UCD Biomedical Facility has very specific decontamination requirements. We found SixLog Solutions to be extremely flexible, responsive and professional in their approach. The rapid confirmation of a successful process was also most reassuring. We will be very happy to use their services in future.”

Mark d’Alton
Director / Designated Veterinarian
Biomedical Facilities, University College Dublin


Major Pharmaceutical Company, Ireland

pharamFollowing the construction of a new suite of cleanrooms, our client choose to eradicate all background bio-burden using a high level bio-decontamination with hydrogen peroxide vapour. Using our “silver free” sterilant, we validated a 6-log biological reduction in 14 rooms with a volume of over 1800 cubic metres. Our bio-decontamination engineers completed job in 24 hours.

“Following considerable dirty-works in our cleanrooms, the iHP process gave us the confidence that we could recommence production without the risk of contaminating of our manufacturing process. We were delighted with the service provided by Six Log Solutions. The dedication and professionalism of their site engineers allowed us to perform the iHP process overnight and meet our deadline for returning to production the following morning”

Sarah Mulcahy.
Site Microbiologist

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