Hydrogen peroxide vapour technology is an advanced decontamination process so isn’t it ironic that we still see operators perched on top of ladders with a roll of tape. Read on…..

Whether the machine creates a vapour, fog or dry mist there are common components to these futuristic machines. Vapourisers, compressors, atomisers are all complex technologies used to disperse the hydrogen peroxide sterilant, and each are controlled by precisely calibrated instruments.

In light of these technological advances, we believe that it is rather prehistoric that you still see operators on top of ladders trying desperately to tape over air-supply grilles in the ceiling. Not to mention standing on a ladder while reaching up with two hands trying to fix a blue glove over a smoke detectors. Is this a safe method of work?? We don’t believe it is.

Ergonomic vent sealer hydrogen peroxide foggingDSC07070In an industry where safety is paramount and risk assessments/method statements/work permits are basic requirements for any task, we would consider the use of a ladder to be unsafe and unnecessary.

Considering all this, we have developed unique ergonomic devices to allow us to safety and efficiently seal the room and cover the smoke detectors. These can be securely put in place without a ladder in sight. You can be confident that Six Log Solutions have an unblemished safety record and our engineers always carry out their duties in a professional and safe manner.



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