Medical Grade Fogger, for 8 years used throughout the HSE

Fast and Efficient Spraying of Disinfectant​

High Quality Samsung Motor​

Kills Coronavirus in 60 Seconds​

Rooms Guest Ready in 20 Minutes

Cost as little as €2 per 100 sqm


Strictly speaking, “fogging” involves filling a room with an aerosolised disinfectant which then indirectly lands on all surfaces.


The SixLog Fogger works in a different manner. It is used to directly spray surfaces from a distance without creating a lasting aerosol.

BENEFITS OF sixlog fogger

SixLog Fogger

One of the most powerful and durable ULV foggers on the market. This is a professional grade fogger used throughout the HSE for the elimination of hospital superbugs. 

Disinfectant Solution

Hydrogen peroxide solution infused with silver ions that kills coronavirus in 60 seconds. Unlike most biocides it is registered with the Department of Agriculture for fogging purposes. 


Fully reusable full face mask ensures the operator has adequate respiratory protection against particles, gases and vapours when used with an approved cartridge or filter (NIOSH).

Videos are for illustrative purposes only. When disinfecting a guest room, the only PPE required are gloves and a gas mask. Unlike in the video, the fogger should always be kept horizontal or 10 degrees downwards. The process is NOT to create a foggy room, but to directly spray surfaces with the disinfectant.


In an industry where unnecessary downtime or a microbiological contamination event can result in millions of lost.


With increasing focus on the cost of hospital acquired infections, it is more important than ever to have a robust decontamination system in place.
Traditionally formaldehyde has been the agent of choice for the decontamination of category 3 laboratories, both for the room itself and for microbiological. safety
Hydrogen peroxide vapour has a number of useful applications in the biomedical industry. It is used to provide a high level bio-decontamination.


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