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iHP Decontamination Service

hydrogen peroxide fogging

Our Room Bio-Decontamination service is designed to provide the highest level of biological reduction within an enclosed space. Whether it is a single room or an entire facility, our iHP process can be the solution to your microbiological contamination problems.

iHP technology is safer and faster than any other hydrogen peroxide decontamination process, and we can return your facility to operation in a matter of hours.

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Sentinel Halo Fogging Machine


The Sentinel Halo is fast becoming recognised as the premier no-touch automated room decontamination system in Europe today.  When you consider the many advantages over other hydrogen peroxide systems, it is not surprising that the Sentinel Halo is now the preferred choice of microbiologists and infection control professionals across both the Healthcare and Life Science industries.

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Ergonomic Accessories


For such a modern decontamination technology, there remains the manual DIY intervention of having to seal air grille, cover smoke detectors and seal around the boundary doors. We have developed tools that allow these tasks to be performed quickly and safely.

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