Extended Nozzle Halo

Product Description

Effectively delivers a dry mist of concentrated disinfectant to every exposed surface in a room. This product comes with an extended nozzle.


The HaloFogger, is a user-friendly, dry mist-dispensing device that delivers aerosolized disinfectant reaching into every nook, crevice and corner in a room to kill disease-causing pathogens where they hide.

Proven effectiveness at a lower cost than other disinfection methods and technologies is what the Halo Disinfection System brings to your infection prevention strategy.

Advantages of Using the Halo Disinfection System

  • Room fogging is proven to be the most thorough and cost effective method for treating all the exposed surfaces within a room with less labour.
  • The Halo Disinfection System reaches surfaces that sprays & wipes can’t; not just the primary or “high-touch” surfaces but also every exposed surface within a room, which reduces the risk of cross-contamination associated with using a rag, wipe or sponge.
  • The Halo Disinfection System is safe to use around sensitive electronic equipment.

Halo Disinfection System users must be adequately trained by SixLog Solutions.

Halo Disinfection Nozzle

The multi-purpose HaloFogger EXT delivers a consistent volume of aerosolized Halo™ Disinfectant wherever the nozzle is placed. This device is ideal for treating small spaces such as lab hoods, isolators, ambulances and vehicles, as well as larger public rooms in a facility, up to approx 75m3

Extra long hose allows for a wide range of mounting heights and reach for optimum nozzle placement.

Precision 30-minute timer allows operator to accurately set treatment time for small spaces.