Electrical Information

The foggers are 220V and come with a standard EU plug.

This can either be cut off and changed to a standard 3-pin plug (UK G-Type) or you can use an appropriate adaptor

Hydrogen Peroxide Disinfectant

Solution is provided in 5L containers which can be either 1% or 5%
hydrogen peroxide depending on what was ordered.

For coronavirus applications a ready-to-use 1% solution (SLS1) is
available which is to be used as is.

Alternatively the 5% hydrogen peroxide (SLS5) must be diluted 1:4
with water to give 25L of approx 1% hydrogen peroxide.

Take note which solution has been provided to you and act

At the bottom of the bottle, it will state either SLS1 or SLS5.
Both bottles say “ready to use” so focus on SLS1 or SLS5

SLS1 = Ready to use

SLS5 = Dilute 1:4


Published studies have shown that 0.5% peroxide kills coronavirus
in 60 seconds. The above mixes ensure a good level of overkill

Safety Information

We are providing you with this system on the basis that you will educate yourself and your employees on how to safely use the fogger.

There are some videos on our website https://sixlogsolutions.ie/product/sixlog-electric-cold-fogger/

We take absolutely no responsibility whatsoever if you fail to use this device in a safe manner which results in injury or damage to yourself or others.

We encourage you to develop your own SOPs, Method Statements and Risk Assessments

You will be aerosolising a disinfectant chemical and there are strict European guidelines as to what people can breathe in.

For hydrogen peroxide this is 1ppm for 8 hours a day.

If you do not purchase a safety monitor to verify this, you should leave the room ventilate (windows open) for 20-30 mins after treatment (for 1% solution) or for 2 hours (5% solution)

Gloves and Gas mask with suitable filters must be worn when carrying out the fogging, and when re-entering the area to open the windows

Hydrogen Peroxide on the Skin

Hydrogen peroxide liquid can cause oxidisation of the skin, causing the skin to turn white (almost like white paint).

This is totally harmless and will disappear within an hour

Warranty Information

6 month warranty provided by SixLog Solutions.

A further 6 months provided by Vectornate Korea (12 months in total)

How NOT to Damage the Fogger

  • To prolong the life of the unit, the fogger must be emptied and washed out with water after every use. This includes spraying water out the nozzle
  • The fogger must always be kept upright and not lay on its side when containing liquid (risk of damage to electrical boards)
  • The fogger should never be over-filled. Even though it contains a 4 litre tank, NEVER fill it to 4 litres. (risk of damage to electrical boards)
  • It is preferable if the tank is filled to 2 litre mark each time (both for ergonomic reasons and to protect fogger internally).
  • Warranty is invalidated if failure is due to any of the above

Further information provided in the user manual in the box

The Perfect Fogger Set-up

  • Set the fogger to half speed
  • Twist the spray regulator about 1” until you can just see the visible spray. This is plenty for most applications. For larger areas you may need to twist to about 2”.
  • Use the fogger to spray all surfaces, standing well back (1-2m) and always keep the fogger moving.
  • The fogger must be continuously moved from left to right, up and down. Think of it like a giant paintbrush.
  • Create a left-to-right wave as you fog. This creates localised turbulence of the particles and helps the disinfectant reach all surfaces.
  • Do not point the fogger upwards. It should either be level or about 10 degrees downwards
  • (remember the objective is to directly spray surfaces, NOT to fill the air with a fog)
  • The optimum conditions are invisible condensation – only recognised  by streaking your finger across the surface
  • If surfaces become over-wet then the liquid may not dry off

If you can see droplets, then you have over-wet surfaces by either being too close and/or having the fluid regulator turned up too far.

Suggested Overview Procedure to treat a room

  • Before using the fogger the room must be vacated.
  • Surfaces must be visibly clean and dry before fogging.
  • Windows closed and air conditioning turned off.
  • Fog all surfaces as described above
  • For coronavirus applications, let sit for 5 mins contact time.
  • Then reopen windows to ventilate for 20-30 mins (for 1% solution) or for 2 hours (5% solution)

Other Considerations

Never spray fogger directly at smoke alarms (which may activate them). It can be good practice to cover the smoke alarm

The chemical used in the fogger is a hydrogen peroxide solution.

  • The user must wear gloves when handling (you can get small leakage around the nozzle)
  • The user must wear a full face mask with appropriate filters

There must not be any other personnel in the area while the fogging is taking place and afterwards for the times mentioned above

The fogger will deliver a very fine mist that will condense on surfaces. The surfaces should be left to dry naturally.

For large or poorly ventilated areas, we would recommend that the fogging is done in the evening and left to clear overnight before anyone accesses the area.