Covid Fogging for

Medical Grade

Validated 6-log biological reduction

100% Surface

Eliminates all risk

Kills Coronavirus
in 60 Seconds

And almost all known pathogens

Disinfect a Room
in Minutes

Reaches every nook and cranny

Costs as Little as
€1 per Room

Low ongoing costs

What is Fogging?

Strictly speaking, “fogging” involves filling a room with an aerosolised disinfectant which then indirectly lands on all surfaces. The SixLog Fogger works in a different manner. It is used to directly spray surfaces from a distance without creating a lasting aerosol.

Benefits of Sixlog Fogger

Trusted by industries where sanitation is key

Pharma & Biotechnology

In an industry where unnecessary downtime or a microbiological contamination event can result in millions of lost revenue.

Hospitals & Healthcare

With increasing focus on the cost of hospital acquired infections, it is more important than ever to have a robust decontamination system in place.

Containment Labs (Cat 3)

Traditionally formaldehyde has been the agent of choice for the decontamination of category 3 laboratories, both for the room itself and for microbiological. safety

Biomedical Research

Hydrogen peroxide vapour has a number of useful applications in the biomedical industry. It is used to provide a high level bio-decontamination.


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