Hospital gets New Isolators

New Faster IsolatorA major Munster hospital had a really old flexible film isolator that was damaged beyond repair. In truth it should have been replaced years ago but funding was only recently granted to replace it.

The staff at the ACU were delighted with their new Cytotoxic negative pressure isolator supplied by the Italian company FAST-Air.

Not only was it a nice shiny new isolator but it marked an upgrade from turbulent to modern laminar airflow.

However, not everything was as perfect as it seemed.

Existing Isolator

Due to the location of the ACU in the middle of the hospital, the isolator had to be dismantled for transport and rebuilt in the room.

This was completed successfully by local contractors but required two days of “dirty” installation in the Grade B cleanroom.

Our role was to decontaminate the cleanroom on Sunday evening to have it ready for aseptic compounding on Monday morning. The project was completed successfully and validated by both our biological indicators and the hospital environmental monitoring.